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Welcome to Ciren!

Where we are

The Cotswolds rock...

Some people think that the Cotswolds is a bit sleepy and boring. Nothing could be further from the truth. That's why we've championed a campaign called Rock the Cotswolds to highlight the huge array of cool, creative, different, quirky and unique things that are going on locally. Move to the Cotswolds and you can be part of an amazingly vibrant community.

Check out the hot list and be gobsmacked by what is going on locally...

Rock the Cotswolds party image

Neon HQ

We’re based in Cirencester, which is slap-bang in the middle of the Cotswolds, which is probably the most beautiful part of the UK to live (and it’s not in the middle of nowhere).

Cirencester in the Cotswolds map

Tell me more

We’re under two hours from London, one hour from Bristol and our team commute in from Cheltenham, Gloucester, Chipping Campden, Swindon, Tetbury, Northleach...and many live in Cirencester itself.

Cirencester in the Cotswolds map

What’s Cirencester like?

Well for starters, we call it Ciren (sounds like Siren) and it used to be the second biggest city in Roman times (they called it Corinium). It’s a stunning market town with real character and it’s bulging with independent shops, restaurants, pubs and bars. It’s got real character and isn’t one of those typical high streets with nothing but national chains.

Cirencester Market Square and church

Sure, we’ve got lots of big retailers, but it doesn’t feel like your typical high street.

What is there to do?

If you’re after a heaving night life with a strip of bars, casinos and lap dancers, then Cirencester is not for you. But if you’re prepared to dig a bit deep, make the most of life and go out and meet people, then there’s loads to do in Ciren.

Neon Play has a great reputation in the town, so local drinking holes, especially Somewhere Else across the road, give us discounts and look after us very well.

Somewhere Else Cirencester

There are some great pubs in the town and some amazing pubs in the villages around Cirencester. And some very hot restaurants like Made By Bob and Soushi that serve some top grub.

Made By Bob in Cirencester

Any sports action?

There’s an amazing sports centre with indoor pool just 100 yards from the office, plus a lovely lido (open air pool to the uneducated) just down the road. We had a fun time there recently.

Cirencester Leisure Centre gym

Plus there’s football and rugby clubs if you’re keen and we like to play frisbee and footie in the park when the sun is shining.

Cirencester Leisure Centre swimming pool

Is it expensive to live here?

Not really, in fact most of the guys are spending a few hundred £ a month on rent, so it’s a lot cheaper than being in London. We also have a half-price admin fee deal with Cain & Fuller, the local estate agents who can find you the best accommdation very quickly. The team go out a lot in Cirencester together and there is a growing sense of community.

How do you get here?

If you’re coming by car, that’s easy. Our postcode is GL7 1UP so look us up. We can send you picture directions if you like it visual. Or here we are on Google Streetview.

Neon Play studio in Cirencester

The nearest train station is Kemble, which is about 7 minutes away. There are cabs from there or if we really like you, we’ll come and pick you up. From London you take the train to Swindon and it goes to Kemble from there.

Kemble Station near Cirencester

There are buses to Cheltenham and Swindon and further afield. And all the Ciren-based guys just walk to work. Easy.


Award winners

Award winners

Even though we're only young, we've won over 15 business awards, including the highly prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation - we even met the Queen!

10 reasons to join us

10 reasons to work with us

How many offices give you a posh bog roll guarantee? How many companies give some of their profits to charity? We’re different, so read on...

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