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TIGA student joins team

TIGA student on board

TIGA feat

One of the benefits of being a TIGA Student member is the opportunity to take part in web chats with TIGA board members and other leading industry types.

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Recently, one such student was a chap called Jamie Read. And he got involved on a web chat with our CEO Oli Christie. And as Oli was really impressed with Jamie’s questions and probing, he offered him the chance to come into Neon Play for two week’s work experience.

Get stuck in

Jamie loved his time working in the heart of a successful(ish) mobile games studio and he wasn’t just making cups of coffee and loafing around on Facebook. He was actually getting stuck into creating 3D models for a big game we’re currently working on - real stuff he could put into his portfolio.

Look how happy Jamie is...!

Jamie Read at Neon Play

You do impress me much

And Jamie impressed us sufficiently enough to get an extension to his work placement into a fully paid three month trial, which could lead to a full time job.

Get off your butt!

So it’s proof that if you do want to get into the industry, you need to go that extra mile. And become a TIGA student member is probably the best way to do that, plus doing all you can to open doors with the web chats being a good starting place.

Rent a quote

Jamie Read, sitting on a comfy leather chair at his desk commented, “It’s been a dream of mine to get into the games industry and speaking to industry heavyweights on these TIGA web chats taught me loads and has ultimately led me to being offered a three month paid placement. I’m loving being at Neon Play and I’m learning so much every day, working on a live project that is looking incredible.”

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “It was great to meet Jamie on the web chat and he seemed like someone who was really keen to get into the games industry. So it was great to be able to offer him some work experience and due to his talent and dedication, we’re delighted to offer him a proper placement. I really hope it leads to a full-time job here at Neon Play.”

Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA commented, “TIGA students is all about unlocking a career in the games industry. At TIGA we want to give students an opportunity to learn from leading industry figures, keep up-to-date with industry developments and network at relevant TIGA events. I’m delighted that TIGA students has been so helpful for Jamie Read and for Neon Play. I hope that more students who are serious about a career in the games industry will join the TIGA Student network and make the most of the services that are available.”

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