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TIGA Games Event

The scene was set: the Houses of Parliament. The event: The TIGA Games Challenge. There was no sign of Hugh Grant and the coast was clear.

TIGA Games Event at Houses of Parliament

And so our CEO Oli Christie made his way from Westminster tube station to the seat of British power for an afternoon of games with the cream of the UK games industry. And here are a few photos that tell the story of the afternoon.

Here’s Oli wrapped up against the cold of the balmy British spring. Nice scarf.

Oli Christie from Neon Play outside Parliament

Then you show your invitation to the police who then show you down by the Cromwell Green entrance (by a big sculpture of Oliver Cromwell).

Cromwell Green entrance to Parliament

You then go through an airport style security, but with photos taken and more machine guns than you get at Gatwick - all good fun.

Then you’re out into the open again with a lovely view of Big Ben.

Big Ben

Next you go through some big carved wooden doors into the truly magnificent Westminster Hall. It is big and it’s has witnessed some of the most important events in British history, including the trial of the naughty Guy Fawkes, coronation banquets for kings and queens, Winston Churchill lying in state and addresses from big hitters like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.

Westminster Hall

Then you wind your way through St Stephens Hall, into the amazing Central Lobby and then down these stairs to one of the meeting rooms where our event happened.

Staircase in the Houses of Parliament

Games companies like Ubisoft, Crytek and Rebellion were there and we had our own chair and sign. All very hi-tech.

 Neon Play at the Houses of Parliament

MPs came along and the nice MP who had arranged the event was Swindon’s finest, Justin Tomlinson MP. He actually is the only MP to have visited Neon Play (so far) and is a big fan of our game Flick Football and he’s rather good at it, although he could do with a bit more practice to get 20,000+ score.

Here's Oli and Justin holding up the iPads, but alas you can't see what's on screen. It was Flick Football in case you're itching to know.

Justin Tomlinson MP and Oli Christie from Neon Play

Justin did a good talk about the UK games industry, as did Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO. He even name-checked Neon Play and Flick Football, saying he was quite tired as he’d been up playing late.

Justin Tomlinson MP talking at TIGA Games Event

All in all, it was great fun with some good networking with MPs and other interesting people from the industry. With the budget the next day with the soon-to-be implemented games tax break, it was great to see the UK games industry booming.

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, "It was a great privilege to be asked along to this TIGA Games Event and it was inspiring to see so many strong UK games companies present. To have the cross-party support of Parliament for the new games tax break is great news for the UK games industry".

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