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Top of the pops

No.1 UK indy dev?

Top 50 developer list

On a previous blog post, we mentioned that Pocket Gamer had compiled their annual list of the Top 50 mobile developers in the world. And we were over the moon to be at number 36 in the list, just 10 months after the launch of our first app.

Pocket Gamer Top 50 mobile developers 2011

On closer inspection

But when we actually looked at the list in more detail, some more interesting regional stats came to light. (PS We apologise profusely if we’ve got the location of some of the studios wrong.)

Neon Play on Pocket Gamer

Top of the pops

It seems that Neon Play is a Top 5 European developer when you look at the list. And a Top 3 UK developer behind Rockstar Leeds and Ideaworks. And if we are right (which we’re probably not), we believe that we’re the number one UK independent developer. Which is incredible really and rather bizarre, but we thank Pocket Gamer very much for liking what we’re doing.

Head honcho speaks

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “When I set up Neon Play, one of our objectives was to try and become the number one UK independent mobile games developer. And even though we know this is only a subjective chart, Pocket Gamer are a greatly respected website who know their stuff, so we’re delighted to be up there is such lofty company. 2011 is shaping up to be a hugely exciting year and we can’t wait to launch a lot of fun and addictive new games.”

The full 50

If you want to see the full list, as compiled by Pocket Gamer, here they are...

50. Snappy Touch

49. Kairosoft

48. Hexage

47. Big Blue Bubble

46. IUGO

45. Cave

44. DistinctDev

43. Miniclip

42. TeamLava

41. Bight Games


40. Godzilab

39. NaturalMotion Games

38. HandyGames

37. Bolt Creative

36. Neon Play

35. Matt Rix

34. Gameprom

33. Spacetime Studios

32. Gamerizon

31. Lima Sky


30. GameHouse

29. Media.Vision

28. Crescent Moon

27. Get Set Games

26. Digital Chocolate

25. Ideaworks Game Studio

24. Pocket Gems

23. Polarbit

22. NimbleBit

21. id Software


20. Rockstar Leeds

19. Square Enix

18. Fishlabs

17. The PlayForge

16. Zeptolab

15. Newtoy/Zynga with Friends

14. Com2uS

13. Glu Mobile

12. Gamevil

11. Namco Bandai


10. EA Mobile

9. Backflip Studios

8. Capcom Mobile

7. Halfbrick

6. ngmoco

5. PopCap

4. Chair Entertainment

3. Firemint

2. Rovio

1. Gameloft

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