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Gnome sweet gnome

In Paper Glider vs. Gnomes players must jump back into the hot-seat of their paper plane. Pesky garden gnomes are threatening to take over the world with their pokey fishing rods, noisy accordions and rude attitudes.

Each paper plane that can be thrown at these cheeky gnomes is equipped with a rolling bomb, which when placed correctly, can blow those offensive ornaments to bits. However, it’s not always as simple as dropping a bomb...

Gnome alone...

At the start of each level gnomes are hidden behind a unique puzzles, so exploration and experimentation is important to ensure victory. There are three stages and over 60 levels and if all gnomes are destroyed efficiently, three stars are awarded. This will have the hardcore players striving for those perfect games.

Those who want more destructive content can visit the Hot Shop which contain power-ups to aid gliders in battle. The Detonator can trigger bomb explosions and Unlimited Gliders awards the player with an endless army of bomb-dropping planes. The most popular gliders from the original titles can also be unlocked, as well as every level in the game.

It’s not just the explosively gameplay that will guarantee Paper Glider vs. Gnomes players coming back for more. There are also well over 150 stars to collect and plenty of fun and quirky achievements to unlock 

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