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Paintball action

Desert Storm

Great days out

We’ve been really lucky to have had some great days out at Neon Play. We’ve been go-karting, we’ve been taught to clay pigeon shoot by an Olympic gold medal-teaching coach, we’ve got whiplash from fairground rides and dodgems and we’ve had pool parties to end all pool parties.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Contenders ready...

So yesterday, it was time for a bit of paintballing action. And 22 hardy warriors entered the battlezone to do their very best to kill their beloved work colleagues.

Neon Play team go paintballing


Neon Play team go paintballing

The A Team (and the B Team)

Oli and Mark were the team captains and we split the art and tech teams and pulled names out of the proverbial hat. We also invited along a couple of our work experience students (as cannon fodder of course) to thank them for their hard work to date.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Luckily it was only 30 degrees, so the perfect day to be wearing underclothing, a boilersuit and full face protection. It was a bit like being in Vietnam, but not really.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Hi-vis, baby

To add a little bit of mischief to proceedings, each team had a hi-vis vest they had to give to a team member from the opposite team, just to ensure we knew where at least one member of the opposition was.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Five alive

And we had five long, hard and hot games where we had to capture flags, storm the bank, protect the church and generally pepper each other with rather hard paintball bullets.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Smoke ‘em out

There was a good mid-game arms race as well where Oli’s A Team under cloak and dagger did a nice “in-app purchase” of some smoke grenades, which provided excellent cover for some forward movement.


Elf and safety

As per usual in paintballing, there were war wounds on show, with some nice round bruises all round and scratches and scrapes. This was the best of the lot though...ouch!

Neon Play team go paintballing

And the winner is...

The A Team, having lost the first round rather pathetically, eventually went on to win 3-1 - it was a close-run thing with a final storming of the church not quite being successful before the final whistle.

Neon Play team go paintballing

Rent a quote

General Oli Christie, Commander-in-Chief of Neon Play barked, “The team have been working incredibly hard and hugely deserve an afternoon out trying to kill each other. It was a cracking paintballing session and we sweated like dogs, fought like cats and the best team won on the day!”

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