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TIGA who came to tea

Speaking in Parliament

There have been some great moments in Neon Play’s history and we had another one yesterday. Our CEO Oli Christie was invited to the Houses of Parliament (yes really) to make a speech at an industry lunch (I know, we couldn’t believe it either).

The reason was because our wonderful trade body (TIGA) had arranged a lunch, with the lovely sponsorship of Microsoft, to meet MPs and help persuade them that the UK government needs to introduce tax breaks so we can compete on a level-playing field with our friends in Canada, France and the US of A.

Here’s Oli looking like a tourist by Big Ben.

Oli Christie by Big Ben

The security at the House of Parliament is (thankfully) tighter than Heathrow, but once through, you get through into this rather majestic big hall.

House of Parliament

And then we went through for drinks and Oli had a great chat with Tom Watson MP, who is also on the select committee giving the Murdochs a good, honest grilling. Tom is clearly a huge gaming fan and had heard of Paper Glider, so that was pleasing 

Finally, we went through to Dining Room A, where green leather chairs with the House of Commons coat of arms was waiting for us. A very tasty three course meal, served by nice old gents wearing white gloves was served.

Richard Wilson from TIGA talking

Have a look at the menu...mmmm. The soup was very good and the chicken nicely tender.

Menu in Houses of Parliament

Speeches by Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, Tom Watson MP and Stuart Whyte from Microsoft Studios/Lionhead Studios were followed by the keynote speech (ridiculous we know) by our vaguely smartly dressed CEO Oli.

Speaker list at TIGA event

He talked about how he started Neon Play and how vital it is that the government introduce tax breaks. See a proper article he wrote here about this. Plus how the introduction of a Creative Content Fund could really help start-ups in the vital UK games industry.

All in all, it was a throughly enjoyable and interesting day in the beautiful and historical surroundings of Parliament.

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, "It was a great privilege to be asked along to this TIGA lunch and to be asked to actually speak was a great honour. It was fascinating to meet MPs who are clearly passionate about gaming itself and how they can help the UK games industry. Let's now hope that action will happen and the government will introduce the tax breaks our industry desperately needs."

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