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Tax breaks please No. 10

Article on Neon Play

We got a nice piece today in influential site Mobile Entertainment. If you can't be bothered to click to read the article, here it is below...

Mobile Entertainment

UK studio has notched up 1m downloads on the App Store

UK developer Neon Play has racked up its first million downloads on Apple's App Store, thanks in large part to its free iPhone games.

The company's Golf Putt Pro rocketed up the UK and US App Store charts this month, thanks to a FreeAppADay promotion that generated 250,000 downloads in a single day.

Meanwhile, the company's first game, Flick Football and its free Lite version, has now been downloaded more than 700,000 times.

CEO Oli Christie says that Neon Play is keen to fly the flag for British developers on the App Store.

"The US is dominating the app economy but UK studios such as ours have a great opportunity to break-up this early monopoly through simple, creative, addictive games," he says.

Come on Cameron

However, he's also calling for the government to provide more help for British app developers.

"It’s already a $250m a month market and the US is getting most of that. Why is the UK so slow to react and why is the government so resistant to this industry?" he says.

"This could be massive for the UK, generating millions in tax but the industry needs a helping hand to compete on a level playing field."

It's the first time, as far as we're aware, that iPhone development has been brought into the debate around tax breaks for UK games firms.

Neon Play is launching two more games in September: Hotshot Pool and Paper Glider.

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