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Meet our team of Neon Players - the creative and technical geniuses behind our games. First up is our burger-flipping* head chef of concept art, Krzysztof. 
(*he used to be a chef)

Krzysztof Luzny, Concept Artist



Job Title

Concept Artist

My job description says I...

Draw stuff

But I actually...

Draw stuff

Examples of Krzysztof's concept art

Muscle car concept art

In the film of my life, I'd be played by...

A mildly obese Bradley Cooper

The main skills needed in my job are...


The best thing about working at Neon Play is...

Getting things done 

Interesting fact about me...

I almost made it as a professional basketball player

Before Neon Play I worked on...

Burgers and steaks

Is there a project you're particularly proud of, what is it and why?

Still working on that one 

Firestation concept art

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be...

A professional model

What advice would you give someone new joining the team?

Be nice

My favourite game of all time is...

Half Life 3

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