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She's a Little Princess - with her own app!

The adorable Little Princess now has her own iPhone and iPad app. And my word, it's a good 'un!

Let's play!

There are four fantastic fun games for boys and girls (and grown ups!) to enjoy as they join in with some of Little Princess' favourite activites. Play with all of her friends and family including Puss, Scruff and Gilbert the teddy!

We want to Play...

DRESS UP - a playful costume selection game where the player can drag a variety of colourful and fun clothes from Little Princess’ wardrobe to chose an outfit fit for a princess at play. There are plenty of different outfits and accessories to choose from, such as a swimsuit, fireman suit, clown hat, pirate eye patch and of course, her trusty teddy Gilbert.

BATH TIME - players can choose to wash either Puss or Scruff and once the animal is lathered, bubbles begin to float around the screen. Players must then pop all of the bubbles as quick as they can, which is both very entertaining and rewarding.

BUNNEY BOP - Puss and Scruff also feature in Bunny Bop, a game which involves the player tapping on rabbits that poke out of the holes on the hill. The more bunnies bopped, the bigger the score.

PAIRS - The final game, Pairs, is an easy to play version of the classic game, where players match faces of all the favourite Little Princess characters on playing cards.

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