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Hotshot goes global

Hot to trot

Hotshot Pool has been making a splash in all corners of the App Store in all sorts of ways, which has been rather fun and exciting. 

For those of you that don’t know (or care), there are actually four different apps out in the Hotshot Pool “franchise”. There’s the original 100 level iPhone game Hotshot Pool, a 20 level free version Hotshot Pool Lite, a 120 level version for iPad called Hotshot Pool HD. And also a cheats app that tells you how to complete all 120 levels titled Hotshot Pool Cheats.

Hotshot Pool

And in the last few days, there’s been a whirlwind of activity.

Hotshot Pool

For of all, we decided to make Hotshot Pool free for a few days to get it out to the masses. Alas there are some people who only download free stuff onto their iPhones, so occasionally, we’re very kind, generous and generally lovely and we make our top hits free of charge. God we’re nice.

And as a result, the wonderful 100-level game rocketed up to number 2 in the UK free app chart. The only app in our way is rather a successful one, darn it. Cut the Rope has been a mega smash and their free version stood in our way. The game also peaked at top 5 in the USA free app chart, which is still pretty good. But we were number one Sports Game in the USA and UK, which is always pleasing.

Hotshot Pool 

Hotshot Pool

Hotshot Pool Cheats

As a result of 300,000+ people downloading the free Hotshot Pool, no doubt many of them are struggling to work out how to complete some of the tricky levels. But fear not, there’s an app for that! And amazingly, our Hotshot Pool Cheats app is at 104 in the UK Games chart and even at 191 in all UK paid apps, making it the highest rank Cheats app on the App Store.

Hotshot Pool Cheats

Hotshot Pool HD

Then our iPad version Hotshot Pool HD was picked up by Apple and seems to have featured on iTunes stores globally, in the New & Noteworthy sections, also on iPads. And this has been great and given the game a good boost and it’s top 10 in the Sports Games iPad charts.

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, managing director of Neon Play and a keen pool player himself commented, “It’s great to see Hotshot Pool rising the global charts and we’re delighted that people are enjoying trying to complete the 120 levels. We always felt it was a great game with hours of game play and we look forward to updating the game in the future with more challenging levels.”


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