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That's just not cricket...

Shane & Liz in Ciren


Cirencester is a cracking place to live and work. And a lot more happens here than people often give it credit for and the other weekend, we have the best example of that...when some of the best cricketers in the world descended upon Cirencester to play a charity cricket match.

There was a posh lunch in this lovely marquee next door to Lord and Lady Bathurst's pad before the game. We had a pool party there last year.

Cirencester Park cricket match

Shane Warne - officially one of the five greatest cricketers to ever have played the game - and his fiancee Elizabeth Hurley, had organised an amazing day of entertainment in the park literally just behind our office (it's a big park). 

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne

So as one of the 10 reasons to work at Neon Play is that we give a percentage of our profits to local charities and ideally ones which are actually based in Cirencester itself, it seemed like a good idea that we helped to raise some funds for Hop, Skip & Jump, which is Elizabeth's favourite charity. 

Oli Christie of Neon Play with Liz Hurley

Here's a nice Tweet she tweeted to thank us.

Elizabeth Hurley tweet to Neon Play

And as we make iPhone/iPad apps, we thought it made sense to donate an iPad for the charity raffle. And here's a grateful Shane Warne with Oli.

Oli Christie of Neon Play with Shane Warne

Here is the English team huddling up together before they took the field.

England cricket team in a huddle

Here's Shane Warne and Michael Vaughan tossing a coin with Liz Hurley. PS This is not our shot, but courtesy of This is Gloucestershire site.

Shane Warne tossing a coin with Michael Vaughan

And if you want some more proper shots, please go to the This Is Gloucestershire site. 

This man has no shame

Our CEO Oli has a bit of a thing about taking photos with celebs if he spots one (it's embarrassing we know) so a day with some of the world's best cricketers had Oli salivating with his iPhone at the ready.

Wall of Shame

So here is a gallery of his shameless celebrity stalking on the day. That should keep him going for a while...

Here's Oli with the legend that is Darren Gough with big-hitting Kevin Pieterson.

Oli Christie of Neon Play with Darren Gough and Kevin Pieterson

It's the most elegant hitter of a cricket ball ever...David Gower - the silver fox.

Oli Christie of Neon Play with David Gower

They went to the same school (different generation) - it's Ashes-winning captain Andrew Strauss.

Oli Christie of Neon Play with Andrew Strauss

He'd flown all the way from Oz for the game - the beer-guzzling hero that is Merv Hughes.

Oli Christie of Neon Play with Merv Hughes

Quote time

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “This was truly one of the most memorable days ever. To have so many genuine cricket legends all playing in the park just behind our studio in sunny Cirencester was a major coup. A big thanks for Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne for putting on such a brilliant day. Please do it again the next time the Aussies are in town (to take an English pounding...)”


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