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We're two!

Happy 2nd birthday

You can’t beat a birthday party and as we were two years old (since we launched Flick Football in June 2010), we felt it was only right and fair that we had a bit of an old shindig to celebrate this milestone.

Neon Play 2nd birthday party!

And we invited the great and the good (and some of the not so good) to our lovely studio slap bang in the middle of Cirencester. We had some dead posh guests like Lord and Lady Bathurst (our landlords below).

Lord and Lady Bathurst with Oli Christie of Neon Play

And some local dignitaries like the Mayor of Cirencester who even turned up wearing all his bling!

Mayor of Cirencester at Neon Play

All in all we had nearly 100 people all chit-chatting to each other, whilst they nibbled on some of our colourful collection of retro snacks, crisps and biscuits.

Neon Play 2nd birthday party

Our CEO Oli Christie did a little bit of a presentation where he talked about the last year, some of the successes we’d had, the games we’d launched, some sneak previews of games in the pipeline and a few pics of him hob-nobbing with celebs like MC Hammer and at Buckingham Palace!

Oli Christie of Neon Play presenting

Here's Oli being very chuffed with Neon Play's latest download milestone...

Neon Play download total with Oli Christie

We got some nice local press attention as well with the editors of the Gloucestershire Echo, the Wilts & Glos Standard and Cotswold Style all putting in appearances. This resulted in some lovely colourful press coverage as well, which was very much appreciated.

So all in all it was a great birthday party. Despite no pass the parcel or musical statues, it was a huge success and we look forward to being three years old in 2013!

Mark Allen and Oli Christie of Neon Play

PS Here's a blast from the past! This was our first birthday party. Haven't we come a long way!!

AGM party



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