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Come on Gloucester!

Gloucester Rugby visit

Scrum down

We always like to work with local companies, charities and educational places. But recently, we got approached by Gloucester Rugby Club, who asked if we could show a team of their rugby players around the studio and give them a bit of an insight into the workings of a games studio. 

Here's a video of the day with more pics and full story below...

Here's the nice picture story in the Glos Echo as well...

Gloucester Rugby Club at Neon Play

In the front row

Why? Well a lot of the players love playing games on their consoles or phones, but it is the club's duty to help the players consider future careers in case of injury or for when they retire. So it was great to welcome 14 rather large-necked and firm-thighed men into the studio, including Rupert Harden, Dan Murphy and Jonny Bentley.

Gloucester Rugby Club at Neon Play

Kick off

Our CEO Oli Christie first of all sat down with them all to give them a bit of an overview of what Neon Play does and a very topline look at what goes into making a mobile game. And then the players split into three groups and they listened intently to how we create the 2D UI for games, how we concept models and then use Maya to make them in 3D and the programming side of games.

Gloucester Rugby Club at Neon Play

Five of the team speak find out how we go about the UI process...

Gloucester Rugby Club at Neon Play

This is why they need to start thinking about a second career...

Gloucester Rugby Club at Neon Play

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, "It was great to get some fellow athletes in their prime to Neon Play to see how we make games. It was clear that many of them were genuinely fascinated to see how we create games from scratch and three of the guys clearly had potential to hone their skills to eventually get into the industry one day."

Josh Frape from the Rugby Player's Association said, "Thanks to Neon Play for allowing the players the opportunity to come and see what goes into developing a mobile game app. It was an interesting and informative session that opened the players minds about the various stages. It is important to offer insight days like this as it allows players to start thinking about what they may like to do when they go into their next career and if something like this sparks that little bit of interest then that is nothing but beneficial."

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