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Games programmer

Games programmer

We’re looking for a programmer who can join our A Team of mobile programmers. With over 50 million downloads, Neon Play is one of the most successful mobile developers in the UK and we're working on some extraordinarily cool and stunning, console-quality mobile games in Unity, so we can go cross-platform.

So you'll be helping to build some of the most successful mobile games on the App Store with a talented and inspirational team. And you won't just be a small cog in a big machine, you'll make a huge difference. Here are the team at our Christmas party - good looking bunch?!

Neon Play team at Christmas party

Please send in your CV and examples of your previous games to

You’ll need to have built Unity games and ideally have done a few of them. Or at the very least have the skills to build them. We’ll want to see evidence of the games you’ve built and know what you’ve actually done, so no fibbing. Ideally you’ve worked across several programs over the years and know your stuff.

The Old Museum

We need you to be intimately familiar with the Unity development environment, C# scripting and know how to do great gameplay within Unity. A demo or game you have developed previously in Unity is a definite bonus. Ideally you'll know how to create tools within Unity too.

Game Developer Duties and Responsibilities

- Create fun and bug-free Unity games

- Work with the team to be guided on the plan and architecture of the game

- Work as part of a programming team

- Create rock solid code, yet be flexible as we iterate the gameplay

- Work with art assets from our team of amazing artists, and write code to communicate with game servers developed by our super talented server programmers

Neon Play studio

Game Developer Skills and Specifications

- Created a previous Unity game or demo

- Full understanding of the Unity API

- Strong knowledge of the C# programming language

- Strong affinity with vector and matrix math is a definite bonus

- Strong sense of game design for usability and great user experience

- Familiarity of mobile and/or social networking technologies is a plus

- Previous game development experience preferred

Here are the team clay pigeon shooting (snazzy glasses and matching hats)

Neon Play go clay pigeon shooting

Show me the money!

We will pay on talent and experience. You get your birthday off. We buy the beers on Friday. We play ping pong. We go go-karting or clay pigeon shooting. Have a look at our 10 reasons to work at Neon Play.

We need someone who's passionate about making gameplay easy, intuitive and addictive. Does the car drive smoothly, does the ball fly naturally, is it fun and would you want keep playing again and again. These are all massively important. We need to see this in your work.

The job is based in the middle of the beautiful market town of Cirencester, bang in the middle of the Cotswolds. You’re literally seconds away from an array of local shops, pubs, delis, coffee shops, banks and restaurants, so take your pick at lunch.

Send us your CV...

If this excites you and you can tick most of these boxes, please send in your CV to No agencies please. Really, honestly. No. Agencies. Please.

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