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Flick Football kicks off

Flick Football kicks off

Flick Football is alive & kicking and it's been a very exciting first 48 hours

Touched by Touch Arcade

We started off by getting some tip-top reviews on some of the forums, including the mighty Touch Arcade. Some heart-warming quotes include:

"Definitely my favourite flick football/soccer game."

"It's a blast this game is ultra-addictive, a wonderful challenge and a nice overall presentation. The commentary is great and the game reeks of professionalism in creation."

"The game is so damn addicting that I find myself playing it over X2."

So that was nice.

Miniclip launch

And then Miniclip, our partner in this exciting launch, put the banners live all over their site, including on their iPhone page.

Flick Football banner on Miniclip

Apple bites

And then to cap it all and make ourselves bulge with bulging pride, Apple decided to feature us on iTunes in the Games category under Sport and Arcade. So it really doesn't get much better than that. Well we hope it might actually.

We were in their New & Noteworthy sections as well - I don't think we've ever been "noteworthy" before, so that's always good.

Flick Football in iTunes under New & Noteworthy


If you haven't got PositionApp on your iPhone, you should (especially if you're a developer). Because it gives you real-time updates to where your app features in charts around the world.

And like Bruno Brookes, we've been keeping an addictive eye on how Flick Football has been performing as it rises up the charts. And Lord Bruno of Radio 1 would be proud as we've been careering up the charts, in fact you could say we're the highest climber, going up 186 places in the top 300.

PositionApp Flick Football in Games - Sports

Chart positions

At the time of writing, in the Paid charts, we are number 56 in the UK Games Chart. Number 17 in the UK Games Arcade Chart (up 58 places). And just beneath the Top 10 in the UK Games Sports Chart, at number 12 (up 24 places).

So it's more than exciting for Neon Play to have such a great start and lets hope the momentum gathers over the next few days in the run-up to the World Cup.

Keep coming back for more updates and excitement (for us anyway).

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