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Dom Joly coming to an iPhone soon...

Ever wondered how you make an app with a celebrity? Well this is how we got to make an app with Trigger Happy TV star Dom Joly.

We were out grabbing a bacon and brie baguette at the Corn Hall in Cirencester, and who should walk past, but Mr Dom Joly. And that got us thinking, “Oo, maybe it would be fun to do an app with him.”

Dom Joly with Neon Play MD Oli Christie

So we got back to the office, found his Facebook page and then sent him a message saying, “We’re Neon Play, we make tip-top iPhone apps, we’re in Cirencester and how about we make an app together?”

Next thing you know, our MD Oli and Dom Joly are having lunch in a Cotswold Gastro Pub discussing what we can put on his soon-to-be-created app. Emails to his agent follow and a deal is struck and the next thing you know, Dom Joly is sitting in your office typing out some of the copy for his app.

Dom Joly with Neon Play MD Oli Christie

Big Mobile Guy in the house

And then a couple of days later, he rocks up again to Neon Towers carrying a very large mobile phone. We get to work doing a photoshoot and if you’ve ever wanted to see a human being make different facial expressions in rapid succession, Dom Joly would be a record breaker - it was mighty impressive, see the video below.

Sounds good

We next went into the Neon Play soundbooth, a piece of technical wizardry that Hollywood studios would be envious of. And Dom rattled off a serious of very funny sound clips for his app, including his characters Big Mobile Guy, the Gardener and the Traffic Warden.

A very good time was had by all and the next step is to design the app, get it built, put the sounds in and then release it onto an unsuspecting public (unless you're reading this and you might suspect it).

Dom shouts his love

See the video for what Dom had to say about his experience of working with Neon Play...

The Big Man speaks...

Dom Joly shouted into his big mobile phone, "Hello!!! I'm doing an app with Neon, it's rubbish. Ciao!"

Dom Joly with Neon Play team

Oli Christie, managing director of Neon Play commented, “As Dom is local to Cirencester, it's been great fun to work with him and we're really excited about launching an app together. There is loads of exclusive content that fans of Dom and Trigger Happy TV will love. Cirencester has talent!”

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