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Culture & ethos

Culture and ethos

People make a company

We know how important people are to make a business a success. After all, without brilliant, talented, lovely people, you’re just a pile of bricks, a few doors, some desks, manky paper bins, some curled-up Post-it Notes and a biro that doesn’t work.

So we want to a) get the best people we can on board HMS Neon, and b) look after them while they’re here. And if they’re good, we never want them to leave (but they can if they want to). We hope they won’t want to leave if they love it that much.

Here are the team at a recent paintballing day out.

Neon Play team go paintballing

But how are we going to make it a mobile games studio that people want to join and want to stay at? Well, the underlying culture is vital. Our values are the DNA that runs through every vein of the company.

And are values are about a company where good ideas are king. Where honesty is essential, where we say “please” and “thank you” and appreciate when people go the extra mile.

Here are some buff lads at our pool party with the neighbours.

Neon Play team swimming party

We want people who are fun to work with. No one likes working with dullards, so we won’t employ them. It’s not to say that everyone has to be like Krusty the Clown, because we know it takes allsorts to make a company. But we want everyone to add a bit of something to Neon Play, in whichever quirky way that may be.

We want people to work hard while they’re here. We don’t pay people to Facebook their friends all day, but we understand that occasionally you need to make a personal call or organise this weekend’s big night out.

Here are the team having an in-house Maccers.

Neon Play getting a McDonalds in

It’s a company where if someone has a blinding idea, it doesn’t matter if you’re the MD or a junior designer - if it’s a good idea, it’s a good idea and we’ll do something about it - ie, make it into an iPhone game.

So if you look at our list of 10 reasons to join us, you’ll hopefully see that it’s the little things that can make a big difference. That’s why we have a “Posh bog roll guarantee”. And it’s why we want to give 1% of our profits to a local Cirencester charity.

Here are the team clay-pigeon shooting.

Neon Play go clay pigeon shooting

Anyway, the lesson endeth here, but we hope that gives you a little insight into what makes us tick. If that sounds like a company where you want to work, give us a bell...

10 reasons to join us

10 reasons to work with us

How many offices give you a posh bog roll guarantee? How many companies give some of their profits to charity? We’re different, so read on...

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