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The Best in Ciren!

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Our first ever award

Neon Play was recently anonymously nominated for the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We don’t know who the lovely person was, but we thank them kindly.

Anyway, off we trotted to Cirencester Agricultural College, that great seat of educational learning for the 2011 Awards bash. We had been nominated in the “Outstanding Innovation of the Year” category and we didn’t really know who we were up against or how innovative we would have to be to win.

Would 18 million downloads in 12 months be sufficient or had a farmer planted lots of seeds in one day using a clever new method? We didn’t really know.

And the winner is...

So imagine our chuffed surprise when our name was read out as the winner. Champagne corks were popped, buxom blondes surrounded our VIP table and we were feted by all and sundry. OK not really, but we can dream.

The judges said this about us, "Neon Play stood head and shoulders above the other entries in this category. In particular their detailed response truly met the criteria, clearly identifying and explaining their substantial growth and success.  Cirencester should be delighted to have such a fast moving and cutting edge business within its midst."

Neon Play team with Cirencester Business Awards

Going for Gold

And things got even better, if that were possible...when all of the category winners were then competing for the Best of the Best. Cirencester’s Best Business. The Gold Award. Now that would be an accolade, an achievement, a feather in our cap and a something else.

And guess what, we actually won the BIG ONE. We had been selected as the Best Business in Cirencester, which is just quite remarkable within our first year.

The judges said this, "A special Award, presented to the 'Best of the Best'. This award was given to the one company who has really stood out as a shining example amongst tonight’s winners. After lengthy deliberation the team of judges finally settled on a truly ground breaking business, forging a new future for Cirencester."

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “It was a truly wonderful night for the Neon Play team and we are chuffed to bits that we were chosen to not just win our category, but also the Gold award as well. It’s testament to all the hard work and talent we have at Neon Play and long may it continue.”

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