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Office to let

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The best office space in Cirencester!

We love being in The Old Museum, but it's a big building, so we sub-let out three rooms and a vacancy has now come up (from 1st September 2012) . So if you're looking for somewhere bang in the middle of Cirencester, then this could be your lucky day.

We're ideally after a creative-based business. But if you're not creative, then you must be nice at least. And not smelly.

The Old Museum

Here is the lovely building. The area that is to let is to the right of the front door (upstairs and downstairs).

Old Museum Cirencester

It's in a separate section to the Neon Play bit of the building, so you are very much in your own area. The rent will include pretty much all bills, except phone and internet. The square footage is about 1,550 sq ft (144 sqm).

If you're interested, please email with any questions and he can fill you in on prices, etc.

What you get...

We share the wrought-iron gate entrance with a stylish glass door (via entry code).

Old Museum Cirencester

There is then a lovely stone-floored reception area (with our friendly mannequin).

Neon Play Cirencester

Downstairs there are two good sized square rooms. This is currently used as an's a bit messy, but it will be empty.

Old Museum Cirencester

And this as a boardroom/meeting room...

Old Museum Cirencester

There is also a kitchen area (shared with Neon Play).

There are two loos just for you to use (one upstairs, one downstairs). 

There is a room upstairs as well, which has a glass dividing wall (so it could be a separate office).

Old Museum Cirencester

Anything else you should know?

You're bang opposite two car parks so good for visitors.

You can have your own buzzer so you know when you have visitors.

You can have your logo on a plaque outside the front door.

You can have your logo as a sticker on the glass inner door.

We have a water cooler with nice cold water.

It's a great place to work and one of the most prestigious buildings in Cirencester in the big Bathurst wall.

You get to share a space with Neon Play!

Floor plans

This is the downstairs floor plan.

Old Museum Cirencester

This is the upstairs floor plan.

Old Museum Cirencester

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