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Business Person of the Year!

Ciren Business Awards

Go Ciren go!

It was the second Cirencester Business Awards and we were up for two awards with nominations in the Best Business (under 25 people) catagory and the Business Person of the Year category. It was gonna be tough work.

And four of the Neon Play team donned their posh evening kit and headed down to the Harry Potter-esque Cirencester Agricultural College, where there were no farmers at all. Disappointing. 

Neon Play at Cirencester Business Awards

Neon Play at Cirencester Business Awards

It's Vernon Harwood!

After a gastro three-course dinner, our host - BBC radio legend Vernon Harwood - gave us a rousing speech. Here he is last year when we won two awards. We love this picture as Paul is holding Vernon's hand!

Neon Play at Cirencester Business Awards with Vernon Harwood

And then it was time to dish out the awards. The two we were nominated for were towards the end of the list, one after t'other.

And the winner is...

In the Business Person of the Year award, it must have been a barren year for entries, as somehow our CEO Oli Christie actually won it. It was a bit like the Oscars as everyone congratulated Oli, patted him on the back and wanted to get a photo with his glass, impossible-to-read award. OK, not really, but the official photographer did take a few snaps with our friend Vernon. 

Here is the video to prove it. Wait til the end!

And the runner-up is...

Sadly, in the Best Business of the Year (under 25 staff), we were pipped to the post by a company who does road and path surfacing - it's dog eat dog in the Cirencester business community, but we were delighted nonetheless to get another plastic clip frame for our mantlepiece.

Here are the team with the two prizes. Oli is holding a glass award, but you just can't see it. A bit like Spot the Ball, why not play Spot the Award?

Neon Play at Cirencester Business Awards

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, feeling all Richard Branson-like commented, "We are delighted to win another award at the Cirencester Business Awards and are chuffed to see so much buzz and excitement around what we are doing and helping to get the good name of Cirencester out there."

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