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We love Cirencester!

Ambassador's reception

Ciren call

It’s amazing how quickly a year comes round and once again, it was time for the Cirencester Business Awards, our local awards ceremony, where we’ve been lucky to win six awards over the last three years.

Cirencester Business Awards 2014

The sun always shines in Ciren

It was a truly beautiful and balmy evening as the great and the good of GL7 met at the Royal Agricultural University. We supped champagne as the sun set and then went inside to the Great Hall for a three course meal.

Cirencester Business Awards 2014

VIP guests (sort of)

The four Neon Players were joined by our personal tailer Tom Wharton of Barrington Ayre (he made our suits for the visit to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace) and children’s book shop superstar Octavia Karavla. It was a merry evening.

Neon Play at Cirencester Business Awards 2014

Tom Wharton from Barrington Ayre and Octavia Karavala from Octavia's Bookshop

And the winner is…

The award we were up for was the Best Use of PR & Marketing. It was an award we have never won before…and alas we didn’t win again, however we did get the silver medal.

Cirencester Business Awards PR & Marketing Neon Play

PR & Marketing Campaign at Cirencester Business Awards for Neon Play

Surprise surprise

We thought that was that, but then Nicky Godding from Cotswold Life got up to present the “Cirencester Ambassador of the Year Award”. This is what Nicky said: 

"Some people go to work. Others bring work home. A few love their work so passionately they do both. Tonight’s Cotswold Life Ambassador runs a successful business that couldn’t entice enough hotshot young computer programmers out of their urban paradise. So he set out to change the perception of the entire area, reasoning if they knew what he knew about the Cotswolds, they’d be happy to abandon sex in the City and discover it in Cirencester instead.

Cirencester Business Awards Ambassador of the Year Oli Christie

“He harnessed social media, inviting people to vote for cool and exciting companies, people, venues and events here, and hundreds of nominations were made. A crack team selected 75 Rockers which represent a Cotswolds you won’t read about in the Sunday home supplements - and Cirencester is at the heart of the campaign with some fabulous businesses represented on a roster of 75 rockers from across the wider area.

“There’s a fantastic website ( where you can read all about it – and make nominations for next year.

“More than any other campaign in recent memory, The Rock the Cotswolds campaign is successfully raising the profile of Cirencester and driving economic investment and its instigator, Oli Christie, is this year’s very very worthy winner of the Cotswold Life Cirencester Ambassador Award."


So that came as something of a massive shock, but on behalf of Neon Play, Oli was delighted to pick up the award.

Oli Christie wins Ambassador of the Year at Cirencester Business Awards for Neon Play

Here are the winners...

Cirencester Business Awards winners 2014

Fizz time

Once the awards had finished, we headed off into the night to Somewhere Else for a glass of champagne to celebrate.

Oli Christie and Mark Allen from Neon Play with Andy from Somewhere Else

Oli Christie doing a selfie and trying to act youthful with some younger drinkers!

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play and now an ambassador commented, “It’s always a great night out at the Ciren Biz Awards and once again, the Neon Play team had a top table with lots of fun. I was completely shocked, surprised and honoured to get the Ambassador of the Year Award, and hope that our campaign to Rock the Cotswolds can help Neon Play retain and attract the very best talent. And also that other companies across the area share the benefits of our positive campaign.”



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