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It's time for battle!

Prepare to race, dodge and blast your way in the biggest Ben 10 title ever, available now for iPhone and iPad!

Grab your OmniTrix...

Alien Escape is the perfect follow-up to the previous hit Ben 10 OmniGames and fans of the popular Ben 10 TV series will love playing as their favorite Alien heroes.

Select your Hero

- Soar down the Cave as Stinkfly
- Blast through the City as Big Chill

- Accelerate into the Alien Spaceship as Jetray
- Race through the Water stage as RipJaw - [Coming soon]

It’s Hero Time!

Power up!

In Ben 10 Alien Escape Energy orbs can be used to skip levels or more importantly, to upgrade Alien heroes. Energy can be used to boost one of four different upgrades; Speed, Agility, Life and the incredible super-ability, the Power Blaster. Make your choices wisely!

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