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40 million downloads!

40 million downloads

How many?!

In January 2012, we had clocked up 30 million downloads of our mobile games. And just eight months later, we've reached the big 40 million app download mark. Which is quite frankly pretty awesome. 

Here is the team taking some time out in the sunshine. Some people look wider than they appear in real life! Our lovely studio is in the background - doesn't it look lovely?!

Neon Play team outside our studio in Cirencester

Go us!

The news comes in the same week that we've been named as one of the Top 50 Mobile Innovators of 2012 by Mobile Entertainment; cementing our position as one of the leading independent mobile games developers in the UK (well that's what the press release says anyway).

Since launching in 2010, Neon Play has released over 40 games all based around the simple premise of fun and compelling gameplay. Paper Glider, Flick Football and Traffic Panic have arisen as popular brands and 14 of Neon Play’s games have now each achieved over 1 million downloads.

Only two months ago we were celebrating our second birthday at our Old Museum studio in Cirencester with the announcement that we had reached 35 million downloads. But the release of Traffic Panic London at the end of June has really boosted our tally and we’re chuffed to be able to say that we’ve now reached the 40 million download milestone.

Here is the team posing like a very large boy band on our studio stairway to heaven...

Neon Play team in our studio in Cirencester

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, our CEO blithered, “I recently wrote that getting a number one in the app store is now virtually impossible due to the big developers using their financial clout to occupy the app charts, however we’ve recently had number one hits with Bravo Force: Last Stand and Ben 10 Alien Escape. Next up: the big 5-0.”

Neon Play is pushing forward with updates to their titles as well as working on new projects. This month keep an eye out for another Traffic Panic London update which will feature an Ice Cream Van, and a colourful new adventure game which goes by the name of Jewel Jumper...

Killer stats:

- 40 million downloads

- 500 million Paper Glider’s thrown

- 600 million footballs kicked in Flick Football

- 40 million take-offs in Paper Glider Crazy Copter

- 360 million crashes in Traffic Panic causing $72 trillion worth of damage

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