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Hotshot review

Pocket Gamer review

It’s always nice when one of the big, influential review sites picks up your apps, gives it a good going-over and then actually writes something nice.

And giants Pocket Gamer have Hotshot Pool on their radar and they’ve passed comment with some nice feedback and they really seem to like it, which makes us happy, warm and fuzzy.

Hotshot Pool

If we had a big horn, we would run to the top of the Swiss Alps and blow it rather loud. But we don’t, so you’ll have to make do with this blog piece here.


“The lascivious art style might call to mind those cheap Ibiza compilation CDs, but Hotshot Pool is otherwise a very well judged take on everyone’s favourite pub game.

Neon Play ditches the full rules of pool in favour of a series of one-shot challenges. These get ever-more outrageous as you progress through the stages, starting with simple cuts and going through to elaborate multi-cushion shots.

There’s no set limit as to the number of shots you’re allowed. Rather, there’s a simple star system that rewards efficient play, but doesn’t punish you if you take 20 shots to hit that tricky double. All in all an addictive game that even non-Pool fans can enjoy.”


So we thank Jon Mundy for his kind words and hope we can meet him sometime to say hello.

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