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Xander & Ben say hello

Team night out

Team night out

It's always nice to have a little treat from time to time (but not too much choccy, girls), and last night some of the Neon Play team headed to the city of dreaming spires, aka Oxford. The reason? Armstrong & Miller were on tour and having done their official app, we'd kindly been given some freebie tickets. So off we went.

Here is a pic of the stage before the came on. Moving video for the 30 minutes was a nice idea.

Armstrong & Miller show

Super show

Anyway the show was fantastic with their full array of characters (available now on their official app). There were endless costume changes in super-quick time and they must have been knackered by the end of it.

Back stage

Then afterwards we headed to the stage door for some behind the scenes action and to meet Xander and Ben. They kindly told us how much they loved their app and here is Ben holding the iPad showing the HD version of the app.

Armstrong & Miller iPad

And here are three of the Neon Play team with Ben and Xander.

Armstrong & Miller Neon Play

It was quite funny seeing the T-shirts that the crew wore with their printed logos.

Armstrong & Miller

And here is their autographs in their magnificent big new book, available in all good book shops - and some bad ones probably.

Armstrong & Miller book autographed for Neon Play

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, managing director of Neon Play, fresh from catching some food that was chucked into the audience, commented,"It was a cracking night out and we're delighted that Ben and Xander love their app. Isn't it."

Armstrong & Miller


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